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System Requirements

This article states the system requirements you need to work with the Kendo UI for Angular suite.

Operating Systems

The Kendo UI for Angular suite is OS agnostic.


The required Node.js version is 14.0.0 or later. Alongside the Node.js installation, a supported NPM version will be installed. You can also install Kendo UI for Angular components with third-party package managers such as Yarn.

For Node.js version 16.0.0 and above, use the following flag to ensure all the correct peer dependencies versions are installed in your project.

npm install --legacy-peer-deps

To check your Node.js version, run node --version in a terminal or console window.


Kendo UI for Angular supports the latest official Angular version and those currently under long-term support (LTS).

Since our components are shipped in Ivy format, at the moment those are the following:

VersionStatusKendo UI for Angular compatible versions

The compatibility information provided in the table applies only to versions of Kendo UI for Angular, released after the transition to a single repository for the library.

Kendo UI for Angular introduced support for Angular v13, v14 and v15 before the single repository transition. To learn about the compatibility of these Angular versions with an individual Kendo UI for Angular package before version 10.0.0 of the library, visit the Changelog archive of the particular package.

For more details about the actively supported and LTS releases of Angular, refer to the Support Policy and Schedule article in the official Angular documentation.

To check your Angular project version, run ng version in a terminal or console window.

Kendo UI for Angular also provides tagged package versions, targeting applications running specific non-supported versions of Angular. To install the library in a legacy Angular application, follow the instructions in Updating to Unsupported Releases.

Browser Support

2 most recent major versionslatest2 most recent major versions2 most recent major versions2 most recent major versions2 most recent major versions

Kendo UI for Angular supports the major browsers just as Angular does. For more details, refer to the Browser Support article in the official Angular documentation.

Dropping IE 11 Support

Kendo UI for Angular no longer provides support for Internet Explorer 11 since the end of 2022.

The main reason for dropping the IE 11 support is that the Angular team deprecated it in version 12, and removed it altogether in version 13.

Additionally, Microsoft have announced that the IE 11 desktop application will be retired and go out of support for certain operating systems on June 15, 2022.