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Using with Electron

You can use the Kendo UI for Angular components in a standalone Angular application or in an Angular project which is integrated with a different technology or framework such as Electron.

Getting Started

The most common approach for integrating Angular applications with Electron projects is to build and serve the Angular application, and use the Electron BrowserWindow control to load it.

Sample Project

The sample project is based on this Electron-integrated Angular template by Maxime Gris.

Once the base template is properly installed, you can seamlessly add the Kendo UI for Angular components and styles to the Angular application by following the instructions in the article on getting started. For more information on installing each Kendo UI for Angular package, refer to the Installation sections of their respective Overview articles—for example, Kendo UI for Angular Grid package or Kendo UI for Angular Drop Downs package.

To build the sample project, follow the installation instructions in the GitHub repository of the base template.

  1. Install the project dependencies by running the npm install command.
  2. Start the project by running the npm start command.

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