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Represents the Kendo UI NumericTextBox component for Angular (see example).



Export Name

Accessible in templates as #kendoNumericTextBoxInstance="kendoNumericTextBox"


autoCorrect boolean

Specifies whether the value will be auto-corrected based on the minimum and maximum values.

decimals number

Specifies the number of decimals that the user can enter when the input is focused.

disabled boolean

Determines whether the component is disabled.

max number

Specifies the greatest value that is valid.

min number

Specifies the smallest value that is valid.

placeholder string

Specifies the input placeholder.

rangeValidation boolean

Determines whether the built-in minimum or maximum validators are enforced when a form is validated.

The 4.2.0 Angular version introduces the min and max validation directives. As a result, even if you set rangeValidation
to false, the built-in Angular validators will be executed.

readonly boolean

Determines whether the NumericTextBox is in its read-only state.

spinners boolean

Specifies whether the Up and Down spin buttons will be rendered.

step number

Specifies the value that is used to increment or decrement the component value.

tabindex number

Specifies the tabindex of the component.

title string

Sets the title of the input element of the NumericTextBox.

value number

Specifies the value of the NumericTextBox component.

format string | NumberFormatOptions | null | undefined

Specifies the number format which is used when the component is not focused.
If format is set to null or undefined, the default format will be used.


blur EventEmitter

Fires each time the input element gets blurred.

focus EventEmitter

Fires each time the user focuses the input element.

valueChange EventEmitter

Fires each time the user selects a new value.



Blurs the NumericTextBox component.


Focuses the NumericTextBox component.

selector: 'my-app',
template: `
 <button (click)="numerictextbox.focus()">Focus NumericTextBox</button>
 <kendo-numerictextbox #numerictextbox></kendo-numerictextbox>
class AppComponent { }
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