The ColorPalette component provides a set of predefined palette presets and enables you to implement a custom color palette.
The ColorPalette is independently used by kendo-colorpicker and can be directly added to the page.




disabled? boolean

Sets the disabled state of the ColorPalette.

format OutputFormat

Specifies the output format of the ColorPaletteComponent.
The input value may be in a different format. However, it will be parsed into the output format
after the component processes it.

The supported values are:

  • (Default) hex
  • rgba
  • name

readonly? boolean

Sets the read-only state of the ColorPalette.

columns number

Specifies the number of columns that will be displayed.
Defaults to 10.

palette string | Array<string>

The color palette that will be displayed.

The supported values are:

  • The name of the predefined palette preset (for example, office, basic, and apex).
  • A string with comma-separated colors.
  • A string array.

tabindex number

Specifies the tabindex of the component.

value string

Specifies the value of the initially selected color.

tileSize object

Specifies the size of a color cell.

The possible values are:

  • (Default) tileSize = 24
  • { width: number, height: number }


selectionChange EventEmitter<string>

Fires each time the color selection is changed.

valueChange EventEmitter<string>

Fires each time the value is changed.



Clears the color value of the ColorPalette.