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Angular Grid Paging Basics

The Grid paging functionality enables you to split the whole data set into smaller portions and to display only the items corresponding to the current page. This vastly improves the performance in scenarios that involve large data sets. The Grid exposes a number of configuration options for customizing the look and feel of the paging feature.

You can enable the paging feature by using two methods:

Using the Data-Binding Directive

When you use the built-in DataBindingDirective, the Grid performs the paging automatically for you. To enable the paging when the kendoGridBinding directive is applied:

  1. Set the pageable option of the Grid.
  2. To define the number of records per page, set the pageSize property.
    <kendo-grid-column field="CompanyName"></kendo-grid-column>

Further details on how the data binding directive works under the hood are available in the data operations with the built-in directive documentation section.

The following example demonstrates the paging functionality with the kendoGridBinding directive applied.

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