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Angular Data Grid In-Cell OData-Service Editing

The Kendo UI for Angular Grid has representational functionality and isn't affected by the way how the data gets updated and where it comes from. The Grid can display data from different types of sources, including the OData v4 protocol.

The in-cell editing functionality allows the user to click and update individual cells similar to the editing process in Excel. This approach eliminates the need for defining separate Edit, Update, and Cancel buttons.

Data-Binding Directives vs. Manual Setup

The Grid provides an In-Cell Editing Directive that significantly reduces the amount of boiler plate code required to implement the editing functionality. Try it out before using the more flexible, but verbose manual setup.

To enable the in-cell editing mode of the Grid, follow the steps outlined in the Grid in-cell editing article. The difference between the approach, described in the in-cell editing article and this one is in the used backend technology—this article demonstrates how to enable the in-cell editing by consuming OData v4.

The following example demonstrates the Grid in-cell editing feature when using the OData v4 protocol.

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