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Angular Data Grid Editing Basics

The CRUD operations (create, remove, update, and delete) are essential features of the Kendo UI or Angular Grid. You can start editing a particular row or a single column cell. As a native Angular component, the Grid is tightly integrated with the Angular Forms. Choosing the correct forms approach and editing mode depends on the specific use case and business logic that needs to be implemented.

You can implement an editable Grid by using:

  • Built-In Directives—They encapsulate the low-level editing operations, which results in cleaner code.
  • Manual Editing—With this approach, you handle the corresponding editing events and perform the CRUD operations manually.

Built-In Directives

The editing directives encapsulate the low-level operations to help you implement a fully functional editable Grid with less code. As a result, the markup is cleaner, shorter, and more readable, but this comes at the expense of flexibility.

For further details and runnable examples, check the Built-In Directives article.

Manual Editing

To take full control over the applied CRUD operations, you can follow the manual editing approach. Handle the editing-related events that the Grid emits, and perform the required editing operations as necessary.

The set of events that you must handle to enable the manual editing depends on the chosen editing mode:

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