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By default, the Kendo UI Editor for Angular does not provide a built-in option to export its content to a PDF document.

However, you can export the content of the Editor in PDF by using the Kendo UI PDF Export component. By design, the PDF Export component generates a PDF document from any HTML that is placed inside the <kendo-pdf-export> tag.

    <kendo-pdf-export #pdf paperSize="A4" margin="1cm">
       <kendo-editor style="height: 400px;" [(value)]="value">

You can export only the content of the Editor and remove some of its default styles by adding the following CSS styles.

  styles: [
    kendo-pdf-document .k-toolbar {
      display: none;

    kendo-pdf-document .k-editor {
      height: 100% !important;
      border: none;

The following example demonstrates the full implementation of the suggested approach.

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