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The globalization process carries out the translation of component messages by adapting them to specific cultures.

For more information on how globalization practices are implemented in Kendo UI for Angular, refer to the overview article. For more information on the globalization aspects which are available for each component, refer to the article on globalization support.


The internationalization (i18n) process applies specific culture formats to a web application.

For more information, refer to:


The AutoComplete, ComboBox, DropDownList, DropDownTree, MultiColumnComboBox, MultiSelect and MultiSelectTree components support both built-in and custom messages.

Built-In Messages

To translate the built-in messages, utilize the Angular i18n framework. For more information on how to achieve this, refer to the article on Localization.

Custom Messages

You can also override individual messages for each component instance by utilizing the attribute bindings. There is no need for setting up the application for i18n, in order to use them.

In i18n applications, message attributes take precedence over localized text from translation files.

The following example demonstrates how to customize the built-in messages of the ComboBox.

    selector: 'my-app',
    template: `
                clearTitle="Custom clear button text"
                noDataText="Custom no data text"

class AppComponent {

Right-to-Left Support

The following example demonstrates how to utilize the RTL support for the Dropdowns.

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