The settings that can be used when the Dialog is opened through DialogService.
(see example).

actions? DialogAction[] | any[] | TemplateRef

Sets the action buttons of the Dialog.

actionsLayout? ActionsLayout

Specifies the layout of the action buttons in the Dialog.

appendTo? ViewContainerRef

Defines the container in which the Dialog will be inserted.
Specifying this option changes the place in the page hierarchy where the Dialog will be inserted.
The styling of the component will remain the same.

autoFocusedElement? string

Sets the focused element query selector.

content? string | TemplateRef | Function

Defines the content of the Dialog.
(see example).

height? number

Specifies the height of the Dialog.

minWidth? number

Specifies the minimum width of the Dialog.

title? string

Sets the title of the Dialog. If title is omitted,
the Dialog will not render a Close button.

width? number

Specifies the width of the Dialog.