Used for rendering the decade cell content of the Calendar. To define the decade cell template, nest an <ng-template>
tag with the kendoCalendarDecadeCellTemplate directive inside the component tag. The template context is set to the
current component. To get a reference to the current date, use the let-date directive. To provide more details about
the current decade cell, get a reference to the current cellContext by using the let-cellContext directive.

For more examples, refer to the article on templates.

selector: 'my-app',
styles: ['.custom { color: red; }'],
template: `
 <kendo-calendar [activeView]="activeView">
   <ng-template kendoCalendarDecadeCellTemplate let-context="cellContext">
     <span class="custom">{{context.formattedValue}}</span>
class AppComponent {
 public activeView: CalendarView = 'decade';