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A directive which manages the MultiViewCalendar range selection.




autoCorrectOn AutoCorrectOn

Specifies the auto-correction behavior. If the start date is greater than the end date,
the directive fixes the date range to a single date either on input change or on blur
(see example).

By default, the auto-correction is triggered on change.
To disable this behavior, set the autoCorrectOn property to none.

activeRangeEnd SelectionRangeEnd

Specifies which end of the selection range will be marked as active. The active end gets modified upon user
interaction. When a new active end is set, the wired DateRangeService notifies all related components. For
example, the start and end DateInput components.

If the selection range is undefined, the value is ignored.

selectionRange SelectionRange

Gets or sets the selection range of the calendar. When a new range is set,
the connected DateRangeService notifies all related parties.


activeRangeEndChange EventEmitter<SelectionRangeEnd>

Fires when the active range end is changed. For more information, refer to
the section on events.

selectionRangeChange EventEmitter<SelectionRange>

Fires when the selection range is changed. For more information, refer to
the section on events.

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