The appearance settings for the line of the Area, Candlestick, OHLC, and Waterfall series.

color? string

The color of the line. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.

opacity? number

The line opacity. By default, the line is opaque (opacity = 1).

style? LineStyle

The drawing style of the line.
Applicable for the Area, Range Area, Polar Area, and Radar Area series.

The supported values are:

  • "normal" (default)—The values are connected with a straight line.
  • "step"—The values are connected with a right-angled line. Supported only for the Area and Range Area series.
  • "smooth"—The values are connected with a smooth line.

width? number

The line width in pixels.
By default, the width is set to 0 and the line is not visible.