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Appearance settings for the line of the Area, Candlestick, OHLC, and Waterfall series.

color? string

The color of the line. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.

opacity? number

The line opacity. By default, the line is opaque (opacity = 1).

style? LineStyle

The line drawing style.

The supported values are:

  • "normal"—The values will be connected with a straight line.
  • "step"—The values will be connected with a right-angled line.
  • "smooth"—The values will be connected with a smooth line.

The default value is "normal".

The style option is supported for the Area, Range Area, Polar Area, and Radar Area series.
The step value is supported only for the Area and Range Area series.

width? number

The line width in pixels.

By default, the width is set to 0 and the line is not visible.

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