The selected axis range. If set, the axis selection is enabled. The range is index-based and starts from zero.
Categories with indexes in the range (select.from, will be selected.
This means that the last category in the range will not be included in the selection.
If the categories are dates, the range has also to be specified with date values.




from any

The lower boundary of the selected range.

max any

The maximum value which the user can select.

min any

The minimum value which the user can select.

mousewheel boolean | MousewheelSelect

The mousewheel configuration of the selection.
If set to false, the mousewheel does not update the selection.

to any

The upper boundary of the selected range.
The category with the specified index (date) is not included in the selected range
unless the axis is justified. To select all categories, set
a value that is larger than the last category index (date).



Updates the component fields with the specified values and refreshes the Chart.

Use this method when the configuration values cannot be set through the template.

item.notifyChanges({ visible: true });


changes any

An object containing the updated input fields.