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Specifies the marker type.

Note that "rect" is an alias for "square".

The possible values are:

  • "square"—The marker is a square.
  • "circle"—The marker is a circle.
  • "triangle"—The marker is a triangle.
  • "cross"—The marker is a cross.
  • "rect"—The marker is a rectangle.
  • "roundedRect"—The marker is a rounded rectangle.
import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { MarkerType } from '@progress/kendo-angular-charts';

  selector: 'my-app',
  template: `
        <kendo-chart-series-item type="line" [data]="[1, 2, 3]">
          <kendo-chart-series-item-markers [type]="markerType">
class AppComponent {
  public markerType: MarkerType = "cross";

type MarkerType = "square" | "circle" | "triangle" | "cross" | "rect" | "roundedRect";

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