The configuration of the category axis notes (see example).




data any[]

The items of the notes.

icon CategoryAxisNotesIcon

The icon of the notes.

label CategoryAxisNotesLabel

The label of the notes.

line NoteLine

The line of the notes.

position NotePosition

The position of the category axis note.

The available options are:

  • "top"—The note is positioned on the top.
  • "bottom"—The note is positioned on the bottom.
  • "left"—The note is positioned on the left.
  • "right"—The note is positioned on the right.

visual (e: AxisNoteVisualArgs) => Element

A function that can be used to create a custom visual for the notes.

The available argument fields are:

  • rect—The geometry Rect that defines the note target rect.
  • options—The note options.
  • createVisual—A function for getting the default visual.
  • value—The note value.



Updates the component fields with the specified values and refreshes the Chart.

Use this method when the configuration values cannot be set through the template.

item.notifyChanges({ visible: true });


changes any

An object containing the updated input fields.