The crosshair configuration options (see example).




color string

The color of the crosshair. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.

dashType DashType

The dash type of the crosshair.

The following dash types are supported:

  • "dash"—A line consisting of dashes.
  • "dashDot"—A line consisting of a repeating pattern of dash-dot.
  • "dot"—A line consisting of dots.
  • "longDash"—A line consisting of a repeating pattern of long-dash.
  • "longDashDot"—A line consisting of a repeating pattern of long-dash-dot.
  • "longDashDotDot"—A line consisting of a repeating pattern of long-dash-dot-dot.
  • "solid"—A solid line.

opacity number

The opacity of the crosshair. By default, the crosshair is opaque.

tooltip CategoryAxisCrosshairTooltip

The options of the crosshair tooltip.
The crosshair tooltip is displayed when the categoryAxis.crosshair.tooltip.visible option is set to

visible boolean

If set to true, the Chart displays the category axis crosshair.
By default, the category axis crosshair is not visible.

width number

The width of the crosshair in pixels.



Updates the component fields with the specified values and refreshes the Chart.

Use this method when the configuration values cannot be set through the template.

item.notifyChanges({ visible: true });


changes any

An object containing the updated input fields.