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The ListView is accessible by screen readers and provides full WAI-ARIA support when the keyboard navigation is enabled.

WAI-ARIA Support

The ListView uses the listbox role and implements the roving tabindex strategy for navigating through the list items. Each list item uses the option role.

Both the container and the list item role could be overriden, if required, by providing to the ListView a containerRole value or a listItemRole value.

The ListView also follows the WAI-ARIA best practices for implementing the keyboard navigation for its widget role and is tested against the popular screen readers.

Accessible Names

The ListView can be given an accessible name that will be announced by readers on component focus by providing a containerLabel. The provided value will be rendered as an aria-label attribute on the listbox container.

Wrapping the item template mark-up in a container with a defined aria-label could be used to control exactly what text will be announced on item focus.

The following example demonstrates how to set the accessible names of the list and the list items:

View Source
Change Theme:

Section 508

The ListView is compliant with the Section 508 requirements.


The following issues are related to the WAI-ARIA support limitations of browsers and screen readers: