The settings for the selection functionality of the Grid (more information and example).

   selector: 'my-app',
   template: `
       <kendo-grid [data]="gridData" [selectable]="{ checkboxOnly: true, mode: 'multiple' }">
         <kendo-grid-column field="ProductID" title="Product ID">
         <kendo-grid-column field="ProductName" title="Product Name">

class AppComponent {
   public gridData: any[];

   constructor() {
       this.gridData = products;

const products = [{
   "ProductID": 1,
   "ProductName": "Chai",
   "UnitPrice": 18.0000,
   "Discontinued": true
 }, {
   "ProductID": 2,
   "ProductName": "Chang",
   "UnitPrice": 19.0000,
   "Discontinued": false

checkboxOnly? boolean (default: true)

Determines if the selection is performed only through clicking a checkbox.
If enabled, clicking the row itself will not select the row.
Applicable if at least one checkbox column is present.

enabled? boolean (default: true)

Determines if row selection is allowed.

mode? SelectableMode (default: "multiple")

The available values are:

  • single
  • multiple