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Represents the default format in which the the kendoGridExpandGroupBy directive persists the expanded group keys (see example).

Determining whether a group is expanded or collapsed is done by comparing all of the following field values.




Represents the field property value of the current group item.


{ field: string; value: any; }[]

An array of { field: string, value: any } items indicating all parent groups of the current one, staring from the direct parent group all the way to the root level one.

The following example demonstrates how to provide expandedGroupKeys. The productCategory group provides as parentGroupKeys first the group descriptor for its direct parent group, and then the group descriptors for the ancestor groups.

public expandedGroupKeys: Array<GroupKey> = [
   { field: 'location', value: 'Sofia' },
   { field: 'inStock', value: true, parentGroupKeys: [{ field: 'location', value: 'Sofia' }] },
   { field: 'productCategory', value: 'Bevarages', parentGroupKeys: [{ field: 'inStock', value: true }, { field: 'location', value: 'Sofia' }] }



Represents the value property value of the current group item.

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