Why You Should Manage Your Git or GitHub Projects with TeamPulse?

Do you find it hard to track how development work in your Git or GitHub project is progressing? Is the development team tired of having to leave their IDEs to update their status of work?

Planning and tracking your Git projects should be simpler than that. That is why we introduced TeamPulse integration with Git and GitHub repositories.

Leveraging the integration with TeamPulse, you are now able to:

  • Track code changes associated with TeamPulse work items
  • Update TeamPulse work item status and log time through the Git commit comments

Check out this infographic to see the process at a glance.

10 Signs You Need an Agile Project Management System

Statistics show that many organizations start their Agile adoption efforts with team rooms, whiteboards and sticky notes. However, as they start to improve and scale their Agile practices the challenges related to coordinating different groups, locations and projects begin to grow exponentially.

Have a look at this infographic, "10 Signs You Need an Agile Project Management System", in which we explore the top 10 challenges related to managing work and teams in growing organizations.