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Xamarin Forms 1.4.x more controls

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ManniAT asked on 24 Mar 2015, 12:38 PM

Kiril wrote in
post that

>>We're in the process of creating more
controls for Xamarin.Forms so stay tuned for updates...

This was in November - more than half a year ago...
Any news about it?

Although there are forum sections here in
Xamarin.Forms for several controls AppFeedback, ListView, SideDrawer are not
available till now.

Most sections are empty and in one I found
>> we may release these controls with Q2 2015 (due in end of June).

Stay tuned in November - and now (almost half a year later) you talk about SideDrawer and ListView at the end of June??

Competitors provide more than ten controls - right now.

Last not least - how about support for Xamarin Forms 1.4.1 (the ATM preview with Universal App - WinRT WP81 - support).

And if you plan to support XF 1.4.1 are there are any plans (in near future) to include some of the universal controls?

I'm really a bit disappointed over the last months.

I'm a telerik customer for far more than 10 years) and your products have always been "market leading" - the richest choice, early support for new technologies, perfect compatibility between different platforms and not to forget your outstanding support.

I never had to think about your competitors – you’ve been ruling and provided all we need.
Your statement
>>…the most complete toolbox for building modern and future-proof…applications
was simply true.

But now I see answers like "stay tuned" - and several months later I find (still at the same poor level of 2 controls) - we plan 2 (!!!) more controls to be released in several months. - Competitors offer more than 10 now.

The same for Windows Univeral - you offer 9 controls - competitors more than 40.

And also there in November in a post you (telerik) wrote
>>During 2015 we will focus on making as many ... universal (controls) as possible.

Now almost at Q2 - still the same situation as in November.

Since I wrote a bit more – again my questions:

Can we expect any progress in the (near) future?
Will the “end of June release” contain more than just adding SideDrawer and ListView?
Will (and if when) telerik for Xamarin Forms support 1.4.1 (win universal)?


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Telerik team
answered on 26 Mar 2015, 11:26 AM
Hello Manfred,

Since your conversation with Kiril (beginning of Nov) we introduced a Calendar control for Xamarin.Forms.

Regarding the support for Windows Universal, we will start supporting it after the Xamarin guys start supporting it officially (but not before Q2 2015). The controls that you can expect from our side as a start are Chart, Calendar, ListView, SideDrawer. 

Apart from the Windows Universal support, we usually release updates for UI for Xamarin Cross-Platform a few days after the respective official update of the underlying Xamarin.Forms framework.

As to UI for Windows Universal, despite the fact that we may not be releasing the UI for Windows Phone controls as Universal with the pace that one might expect, we are committed to this task and the platform and will expand our offering further. For Q2 we will release a Universal DataForm, ImageEditor, DataSource and Expander components. We'll also make the ListView official.


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