WYSWYG editors: Aloha, BlueGriffin, CKedit - which?

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    Posted 19 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    My layout is getting more involved, and I no longer am comfortable doing this all in javascript. I need an IDE for styling and layout of my splitters, tabs and panelbars (wish I had a Silverlight GridLayout!).

    I have JetBrians Webstorm for the javascript environment. I have VS2010 and WebExpressions (but I am not happy with either their Javascript or WebLayout offerings). I see nothing special coming in the Blend or VS11 betas. (do you?)

    What I am now looking at is other offerings that work well with KendoUI. I tried BlueGriffen yesterday and it seems ok.  Not much documentation. What about Aloha CKedit , Maqette (blocked by firewall) etc. What I want is something simple and fits compactly in my brain with a clean metaphor but powerful enough for HTML5 and CSS3 styling.

    (I miss Blend and Silverlight, but there is no going back now).

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    Posted 19 May 2012 Link to this post

    There is no real Need to go away from a frits class development envirenment.

    HTML 5 is overhyped.

    Good example is that nearly all Kendo samples here dind´t run correct in ie 10.

    But ie 10 is HTML5 right!

    So the JavaScript Framewworks are all the hell we talk about.

    This example shown very nice the true world where HTML5 is today.
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