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    I'm trying to populate my grid using a .json schema but i'm facing a weird problem. I first collect the data and initialize the datasource, with both structures being exactly the same. When the grid is drawed it doesn't follow the order of both structures and it "randomly" loads the rows.

    This start happening with 5 or more rows.

    I think it's a problem related to how Kendo draws the grid in the DOM.


    I'm using Kendo with Angular2:

        private kendoGridElement: ElementRef;
    this.kendoGrid = jQuery(this.kendoGridElement.nativeElement).kendoGrid(this.kendoGridOptions).data("kendoGrid");
    kendo.bind(this.kendoGridElement.nativeElement, data);


    this.kendoGridOptions = {
               dataSource: {               
                   data: data,
                   pageSize: pageSize,
                   group: {
                       field: "test",
                       dir: "desc"
                   schema: {
                       model: {
                           id: "code"
               sortable: true,
               groupable: false,
               scrollable: {
                   virtual: false
               columns: [
                       field: "shortText",
                       title: "Name",
                       headerTemplate: template1
                       field: "valueAsString",
                       title: "Value",
                       headerTemplate: template2,
                       field: "category",
                       title: "Type",
                       headerTemplate: template3,
                       field: "tags",
                       title: "Tags",
                       headerTemplate: template4,
                       template: template5
                       field: "longText",
                       title: "Description",
                       headerTemplate: template6
                       title: "Command",
                       template: template7,
                       field: "isPinned",
                       title: " ",
                       width: "40px",
                       template: template8

  2. Viktor Tachev
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    Posted 19 May 2016 Link to this post

    Hi Riccardo,

    Please note that the Kendo UI suite will be reworked and a new one that will support Angular 2 is currently being developed. However, it is not completely ready yet.

    Please examine the following post that provides an approximate time on when the new widgets should be available.

    Viktor Tachev
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