Why existing combobox control is not load data in different controller?

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    Assume I have created Testcontroller and added a Testcombobox control in views(Eg. TestView.cshtml). I implements the function and return data is working fine. Now I added existing Testcombobox control in different Controller (eg. Test1View1.cshtml and Test1Controller) is not loading data and it getting error like uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'slice' of undefined.


    Eg ComboControl.

     @(Html.Kendo().ComboBoxFor(m => m)
            .DataSource(source => source
                                .ServerFiltering(false).Transport(transport => transport

                                .Read(read =>
                                    read.Action("TestAction", "Test");
                                .Schema(schema => schema.Data("Data")


    Is there anything missing code or reference?

    Note: Using Area Controller and the same control added another area controller.

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    Hello Suman,

    When using [WidgetName]For method to initialize a widget, the name of the widget is set automatically, therefore I would suggest removing the Name method from the declaration of the widget. 

    In the current case, when loading partial views, you also need to make sure that all of the rendered widgets have unique name, otherwise only the widget instance which occurs first in the HTML markup will initialize. 

    You can find more information regarding the above issues in the following article:

    I hope this helps you to resolve the issue.

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    Thanks for the solution and document.
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