What object type are selected items?

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  1. Jason
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    Posted 23 May Link to this post

    I used the MVC example which works perfect as-is I rewrote to work with a JSON request and it ALSO works fine, however when I try to view the data in a string it is trying to display the OBJECT and not the data inside the object. I ASSUMED that the SelectedData is also in JSON format becuase the MultiSelect datasourse is a JSON object.  


             .Placeholder("Select Which Grids to Print...") 
             .DataSource(source =>
                             source.Read(read =>
                                 read.Action("GetCascadeGrid100", "GridPrint")



    So my issue is when I create click button function and I want to display the selected items..  here is what I have tried and the results.  I just want to display my data in a string   Mapname:1 PageNumber:234, Mapname:3, PageNumber:3244 etc...  


    $(document).ready(function () {
                var Gridselect = $("#GridSelect").data("kendoMultiSelect");
                $("#get").click(function () {
                  alert( Gridselect.value + ",  "  + Gridselect.text + ",");
      // this displays nothing but the commas
    // Also have tried
                   var output = '';
                    for (var entry in Gridselect) {
                        output += 'key: ' + entry + ' | value: ' + Gridselect[entry] + '\n';
    // This displays a bunch of data but none of my values, it seems to parse the PageNumber and the MapName so there is something in there.
    // Also Tried 


  2. Jason
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    Posted 23 May in reply to Jason Link to this post

    I noticed a stupid syntax error on the DataValueField it should have been PageNumber, so I am getting the Gridselect.value to display, however if I try to call the Gridselect.text I get an error saying text is not a function. 
  3. Jason
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    Posted 23 May Link to this post

    I'm getting closer..  this gets me all the VALUES but only One of the Text Items

    alert("value: " + Gridselect.value() + "\n" + "text: " + Gridselect.dataItem().MapName); 


    So my results looks something like this:


    text: Map1


    I should have Map1, Map2, Map3, Map4, Map5

  4. Konstantin Dikov
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    Posted 25 May Link to this post

    Hello Jason,

    As documented in the following help topic, the dataItems method will return a collection with the selected data items, so you need to traverse all items in that collection for retrieving the MapName values:
    Hope this helps.

    Konstantin Dikov
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