VOTE: Should KendoUI Create a TextForeignKeyColumn?

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    I am not sure whether this is the correct place to put this posting, but I wanted to find out whether the following suggestion is something that other developers really want, or whether I am being too picky!

    In our application, we have 63 foreign key columns that need to display a textual value rather than a record id.  By default, the current ForeignKeyColumn does not display the textual value for a related object, it displays its record id.  Further, when using filtering or sorting on the ForeignKeyColumn, it sorts and filters by the record id.  I think that the ForeignKeyColumn is a great idea, but that it is too generic for practical use.  In order to use it in our application, I need to swap the assignment of the displayable text value and record id values in the column and swap them when saving a record in the grid.  This doesn't seem like too much work until you have to repeat it for a lot of columns.  Further, if you want to use dropdownlist controls in the grid for look-ups, you have to make adjustments, too.  I propose that Kendo UI create a subclass of the ForeignKeyColumn named TextForeignKeyColumn, and have it provide the behavior to work with displaying textual values, filtering by text values, and sorting by text values.  Additionally, it should work properly with dropdownlist controls that may be embedded into the column for look-up purposes.

    Please don't misunderstand my posting... I love Kendo UI, but I believe that this new subclass would make it much more powerful and easy to use, especially when you consider how often someone must display a textual value from a related object in a grid.

    Please vote for this suggestion! :)


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    Not sure about adding a new TextForeignKeyColumn - just want the current one to work as it did with the Telerik controls (which is how you described). Seems like they just haven't completed the full implementation of foreign keys (as of 2012.2.710).
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