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    We are just starting to use Kendo Grids in our Angular JS application. We are currently using Angular 1.2x and we should migrating to 1.3x and above very soon. We are trying to figure out a solution for the watchers being created when we use the Kendo Directive.

    Here is a snippet of the HTML that is being generated by the grid. It is creating ng-bind for each cell, even if the grid is readonly. We looked through the code and it looks we can estimate the watch count as row X columns (So a grid with 30 columns and 2000 rows would generate 6000 watchers). Is there a way to use bindonce or one time watches (1.3x and above) through a configuration setting?

    <tr class="k-alt ng-scope" data-uid="f919f1b6-6f33-4a5a-9606-8a17eef4a108" role="row">
       <td role="gridcell"><span ng-bind="dataItem.Category" class="ng-binding">Category Not Defined</span></td>
       <td role="gridcell"><span ng-bind="dataItem.SubCategory" class="ng-binding">Report Type Not Defined</span></td>
       <td role="gridcell"><span ng-bind="dataItem.Description" class="ng-binding">Fuel Economy</span></td>
       <td role="gridcell">
          <div class="wh-grid-name-link as-link" data-row="1">View Report</div>
       <td role="gridcell"><span ng-bind="dataItem.Schedule" class="ng-binding">Yearly | November 17th | Every 1 months</span></td>
       <td role="gridcell">Multiple Recipient</td>

    Looks like this question has been asked before ( and the solution was to use jQuery code. Can Kendo create a native solution that allows us to solve this issue without using jQuery?

    Thanks, Kalyan

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