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useState hooks, odata grid state

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Nick asked on 10 Oct 2020, 07:38 AM

Hi All

Very new to react, trying hooks to simplify code and readability. 

I am trying to implement the odata service example from:

The odata service is fine, I am just trying to get the function setGridState1 to set the grid state to gridState and then call the function toODataString passing in the grid state (and therefore parsing it to an odata string) and then passing it to my rest api.

I can get the debugger points to trigger, but after I update a filter in the grid and it calls fetchData, gridState is still null?

Missing something crucial here, not sure what it is though, any help would be great.


import * as React from "react";
import { Grid, GridColumn as Column } from "@progress/kendo-react-grid";
import { toODataString } from '@progress/kendo-data-query';
import { dataService } from "../Services/dataService";
export const AddExistingGrid: React.FC = () => {
  const [selectedID, setSelectedID] = React.useState(null)
  const [editId, setEditId] = React.useState(undefined);
  const [data, setData] = React.useState<any[]>([]);
  const [gridState, setGridState] = React.useState<any>([]);
  const fetchData = React.useCallback(async () => {
    const newData = await dataService.getLoanInvOdata(toODataString(gridState));
  }, [setData]);
  const setGridState1 = (e) => {
  React.useEffect(() => { fetchData() }, [fetchData]);
  return (
          data={ => ({
            inEdit: item.ProductID === editId,
            selected: item.ProductID === selectedID
          <Column field="id" title="Id" />
          <Column field="ProductName" title="Name" />
          <Column field="UnitsInStock" filter="numeric" title="In stock" />

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Telerik team
answered on 12 Oct 2020, 09:48 AM

Hello, Nick,

Thank you for the code.

I noticed a couple of thinks

1) We are not passing the gridState value back to the Grid and the Grid is not aware of its current data state. Please check this article for more details:

2) I assume when we call fetchData inside setGridState1, we are calling it before the state update is finished and we are using the old value of gridState. I can suggest passing the new data state as a parameter for the fetch and using it:

  const setGridState1 = (e) => {
  const fetchData = React.useCallback(async (newGridState) => {
    const newData = await dataService.getLoanInvOdata(toODataString(newGridState));
  }, [setData]);

I also updated the demo to use functional components with hooks:

I hope this is helpful.

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