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  1. Karandeep Singh
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    Posted 24 Apr 2012 Link to this post


    I want to write automated unit tests for Sort and filter functionality in RadGridView. 
    In my test method I want to bind 1000 mock records to the GridView and run the sort and filter. 
    Is that possible? If Yes throw some light please.

    Karandeep Singh
  2. Julian Benkov
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    Posted 27 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Karandeep,

    Here is a sample code with unit tests for the filtering and sorting operations:

    public void TestLikeOperatorWithWildcard()
        using (Form form = new Form())
            form.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(640, 480);
            RadGridView grid = new RadGridView();
            grid.Dock = System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle.Fill;
            grid.EnableFiltering = true;
            DataTable table = new DataTable("table");
            table.Columns.Add("Value", typeof(byte));
            grid.DataSource = table;
            grid.Columns[1].HeaderText = "Test3";
            grid.Columns[1].Name = "Test3";
            grid.Rows.Add("111", "Nancy Davolio", "Seattle", 12);
            grid.Rows.Add("222", "Andrew Fuller", "Tacoma", 4);
            grid.Rows.Add("333", "Janet Leverling", "Kirkland", 6);
            grid.Rows.Add("444", "Margaret \"Peacock", "Redmond", 8);
            grid.Rows.Add("555", "Steven Buchanan", "London", 2);
            //apply filter descriptor with LIKE operator
            grid.FilterDescriptors.Add(new FilterDescriptor("City", FilterOperator.IsLike, "%ond"));
            Assert.AreEqual(grid.MasterView.ChildRows.Count, 1, "Wrong filtered rows number with LIKE operator");
            //apply filter descriptor with NOT LIKE operator
            grid.FilterDescriptors.Add(new FilterDescriptor("City", FilterOperator.IsNotLike, "Londo%"));
            Assert.AreEqual(grid.MasterView.ChildRows.Count, 4, "Wrong filtered rows number with NOT LIKE operator");
    public void RowIndexAfterSortingTest()
        using (Form form = new Form())
            RadGridView gridView = UnitTestHelper.AttachGrid(form);
            gridView.ColumnCount = 2;
            gridView.Rows.Add("Ivan", 1);
            gridView.Rows.Add("Petur", 1);
            gridView.Rows.Add("Dragomir", 1);
            gridView.Rows.Add("Veselin", 2);
            gridView.Rows.Add("Kocho", 2);
            gridView.Rows.Add("Gocho", 3);
            gridView.Rows.Add("Tashko", 3);
            gridView.SortDescriptors.Expression = "column2 desc";
            Assert.AreEqual("Gocho", gridView.ChildRows[0].Cells[0].Value);
            Assert.AreEqual(0, gridView.ChildRows[0].Index);
            Assert.AreEqual("Tashko", gridView.ChildRows[1].Cells[0].Value);
            Assert.AreEqual(1, gridView.ChildRows[1].Index);
            Assert.AreEqual("Veselin", gridView.ChildRows[2].Cells[0].Value);
            Assert.AreEqual(2, gridView.ChildRows[2].Index);
            Assert.AreEqual("Kocho", gridView.ChildRows[3].Cells[0].Value);
            Assert.AreEqual(3, gridView.ChildRows[3].Index);
            Assert.AreEqual("Ivan", gridView.ChildRows[4].Cells[0].Value);
            Assert.AreEqual(4, gridView.ChildRows[4].Index);
            Assert.AreEqual("Petur", gridView.ChildRows[5].Cells[0].Value);
            Assert.AreEqual(5, gridView.ChildRows[5].Index);
            Assert.AreEqual("Dragomir", gridView.ChildRows[6].Cells[0].Value);
            Assert.AreEqual(6, gridView.ChildRows[6].Index);

    I hope this helps.

    Julian Benkov
    the Telerik team
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