Unable to Install Visual Studio for Mac Extensions

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Installer and Visual Studio Extensions
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Toly asked on 28 Apr 2021, 09:21 PM

Im trying to install Telerik UI for Xamarin tools for Visual Studio for Mac by following the instructions here. Section "Download the controls", step 5.

When opening the "ProjectTemplateXamarin.mpack" file. I get the following error message:

The selected extension packages can't be installed because there are dependency conflicts. The package '::Xamarin.FormsPreviewer v4.15' could not be found in any repository.

The following packages will be installed: Telerik Xamarin Add-in v2021.1.413 (in user directory)

The follwing dependencies could not be resolved: ::Xamarin.FormsPreviewer v4.15


What can I do to resolve this issue? Is there another way to install the extensions?

I assume this error has something to do with the warning bulletin in this article.


Thank you

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Telerik team
answered on 29 Apr 2021, 03:53 AM

Hi Toly,

Indeed, we have such an issue related to the latest changes on Xamarin.Forms side (Xamarin previewer has been deprecated).  We're working on resolving it, here is the feedback item in our public feedback portal where you can track its status:

Common: Mpack extension cannot be installed on the latest version of Visual Studio for Mac

Hopefully, we'll manage to provide a fix with the upcoming R2 2021 release expected in mid-May.

For now,  you would need to create a blank Xamarin.Forms app in Visual Studio for Mac and manually reference the Telerik assemblies/nuget packages without using the VS Extensions.  I would recommend you use our Telerik Nuget Server and reference directly the Telerik.UI.for.Xamarin nuget package, check the instructions at the link below:

Telerik Nuget Server: Visual Studio for Mac

Keep in mind you'd need to use the same credentials as the ones for logging into your Telerik account.

After the Telerik.UI.for.Xamarin nuget package is added to all projects in the solution, you can go on with the Getting Started guide with the next step: Add Control to Your Project.

I hope I was of help. Let me know if you have any additional questions on this.

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Installer and Visual Studio Extensions
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