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Unable to get value for Checkbox/RadioButton as a template in a grid

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This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
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Aden asked on 23 Oct 2012, 02:56 AM
I have 2 checkboxes/RadioButtons in a grid, what i want is only one of them can be checked. I followed some sample from other thread to write, but no luck, I am still not able to get value of that check box. This is how I access the checkbox

And this is my grid looks like
    dataSource: { data: ds, pageSize: 5 }
    , pageable: { input: true, numeric: false }
    , selectable: true
    , sortable: true
    , scrollable: false
, columns: [{ title: "A", template: '<input type="checkbox" id="ARadio" ARadio="#= RequestId #"/>' },
            { title: "Requestor Name", field: "RequestorName", template: '<nobr><label style="width:120px;">#=RequestorName#</label></nobr>', width: 150 },
            { title: "Request Type", field: "RequestType" },
            { title: "Business Group", field: "BusinessSilo", template: '<nobr><label style="width:120px;">#=BusinessSilo#</label></nobr>', width: 120 },
            { title: "Access Level", field: "AccessLevel" },
            { title: "Access Justification", field: "AccessJustification", template: '<nobr><label style="width:120px;">#=AccessJustification#</label></nobr>', width: 150 },
            { title: "Date Requested", field: "DateRequested" },
            { title: "Date of Expiry", field: "ExpirationDate"}]

Please help me out, I've been stucking on this for quite a while.

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