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    I have a functionality where i need to add nodes to the tree and get the name of the node form the user , in the node by using beginedit.
    I have some custom validation that  i need to do , i am using the valueValidation event for doing that. once the validation is done , If the validation fails , i.e when i do e.cancel = true and validation error gets triggered , i want the new node added during the process to be removed. I tried doing it in validationerror event , but this is not allowed. please let me know how can i do this.

  2. Julian Benkov
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    Hello Harshvardhan,

    Thank you for writing.

    You can use the combination of the Edited and the ValueValidting events to handle this behavior. Here is a sample application demonstrating this approach:
    using System.Windows.Forms;
    using Telerik.WinControls.UI;
    namespace Lab.Tree
        public partial class TreeEditorValidating : MainForm
            private RadTreeView treeView = new RadTreeView();
            public TreeEditorValidating()
                treeView.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
                treeView.Parent = this;
                treeView.AllowEdit = true;
                treeView.ValueValidating += treeView_ValueValidating;
                treeView.Edited += treeView_Edited;
            bool removeLast = false;
            void treeView_Edited(object sender, TreeNodeEditedEventArgs e)
                if (removeLast)
                removeLast = false;
            void treeView_ValueValidating(object sender, TreeNodeValidatingEventArgs e)
                if (removeLast)
                if (e.NewValue.ToString() != "MyValue")
                    removeLast = true;
                    e.Cancel = true;
            protected override void OnButton1Click()
                RadTreeNode node = treeView.Nodes.Add("new node");

    I hope this helps.

    Julian Benkov
    the Telerik team
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