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Transport Update URL Parameters Not Passed to Controller

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This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
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tony asked on 24 Sep 2012, 02:38 PM
With transport update url call, parameters are not sent to mvc3 controller on a grid update involving a multi select dropdownlist. does anyone know if this is a legitimate operation and/or how to correct?

the data source update: is as follows:
update: {
   // filter is a row in the grid
    url: function (filter) {
        return '/path/UpdateData?ID=' + filter.ID
                + '&FilterName=' + filter.FilterName
                + &,AlertSource=' + SelectedAlertSources.replace(',', '|' )
                + '&Param4=' + Param4Arg
                + '&Param5=' + Param5Arg                                    },
                // other parameters are omitted for brevity 
    type: "POST"

fiddler shows the query string being passed as expected, but the controller only receives the values in the grid row. it is as if the datasource is ignoring the url: and substituting its own. the webform tab of fiddler shows just that with many more parameters involved in the post. it is actually taking the fields from the datasource and constructing its own query/post.....

is it possible for me to submit my own query string in the call to my controller? if so, how? i have experimented with the data: object but that has the same dismal url contains all of the parameters expected by the controller function.

the need for all of this rigmarole is that i do not know how to configure grid column to accept multiple selection values from the dropdownlist, so i construct a global string containing the values which i use as the argument to one of the url parameters.

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