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    The two halves of the screen shot are the same tile in different states.

    The first, in "No" state,  has a background image that is an opaque bitmap.

    The second, in "Yes" state, shows the same tile, same background image, but its foreground Image is set to an opaque plain black bitmap painted with a solid white circle containing a green tick. This is to give a gray blind effect.

    The bottom part of the tile is made up of several docked lightvisualelements to create a slider button.

    I notice that the gray blind seems to be painted opaquely over the other elements, which I was pleased about as I actually wanted this effect. Is tile.Image always painted opaque? But I noticed that the bottom section of the tile isn't obscured or affected by by the blind, which again is what I want, but is this because of the presence of all the docking and visual elements?.

    The problem is that I wanted the white, ticked circle to appear solid. Is this not possible by painting the circle as part of the image? Or do I need to add it as yet another docked visual tile element and set that one's image to the circle?

  2. Czeshirecat
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    Argh. Sorry.  I don't seem to be able to edit my post. Please insert Translucent into everywhere I've put Opaque. The function I used is called SetOpacity so I used that word instead of translucent everywhere. I'm so dumb.
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    Hi Czeshirecat

    Thank you for writing.

    The ImageOpacity property of RadTileElement is responsible for setting a transparency to the image used as a background, so you can try increasing its value. If I understand correctly the circle is part of the entire image and it should be affected by increasing the ImageOpacity property.

    As a separate solution, you can create an image having a transparent part and also make the circle solid in its center. Then you can set is as a BackgroundImage of the tile element.

    I hope this helps. Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to write back.

    Hristo Merdjanov
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