Themed forms when Maximized are not sized correctly

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    Posted 09 Apr 2020 Link to this post

    Hello folks.  I've been dealing with this for several years now and cannot crack this nut so hopefully I can properly explain the issue.

    1) Create a new Telerik VB Windows Forms Application

    2) Click OK to select Telerik VB Windows Forms Application

    3) Select 'Word-Inspired' from the "Create New Project Wizard"

    4) Open MainForm in the Designer

    5) Add VisualStudio2012LightTheme

    6) Select MainForm in the Designer and change the ThemeName property to "VisualStudio2012Light"

    7) Click 'Apply current form's theme to controls'

    Everything looks good so far!

    Run the Ap...there's a quick compile and our simple one form ap launches and looks great!!!

    Upper-Left-Normal.png shows the upper left corner.  It's perfect.  I opened this small image in photoshop so I could put a contrasting color around the button group so you can see where it is more clearly.  This is shown in Upper-Left-Normal-Enhanced.png

    Same for Upper-Right except the Control Box has the same background as the menu bar so instead I highlighted the Close button.  These are Upper-Right-Normal.png and Upper-Right-Normal-Enhanged.png

    Now...this is where the Magic Happens...MAXIMIZE the form.

    You can clearly see the top several pixels of the form are getting chopped off - and what makes things even more untidy are if you are running on two monitors when this form is MAX size the "sliver of missing pixels" on the right are actually there...but they are on the 2nd monitor having bled over!  Max should never cross should fill just the active monitor minus any space taken up by Window's status bar.

    You can see this in the screen shots:


    I have not tried this with all of the themes but I have tried with several and every one I've tried does this.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, help would be VERY helpful!!


    Kindest regards...stay home!








  2. Nadya
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    Posted 13 Apr 2020 Link to this post

    Hello Curtis,

    Thank you for the provided detailed information.

    Following the steps, I created a sample project in order to replicate the issue that you are facing. However, I was not able to reproduce any of the described issues with the last version 2020.1.323 of Telerik UI for Winforms. You can see the result when the form is maximized on my end:


    As to the second issue you described about showing a few pixels on the second monitor I found out a similar logged bug on our Feedback portal. However, as you can see here, its status is completed so it is not reproducible with the latest version.

    Could you please specify which Telerik version you use and which is your operating system as well? In order to benefit from all bug fixes and improvements of our controls we always strive to encourage our clients to upgrade to the latest possible version.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

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