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  1. James
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    Posted 05 Feb 2016 Link to this post

    Hi Guys,


    I'm following this example on your website http://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/controls/scheduling/scheduler/how-to/custom-edit-and-event-templates about builidng a custom edit box for the scheduler.


    but I want to replace the existing multiselect box with a multiselct box with a custom template http://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/multiselect/template 


    Can someone please explain me how to replace

    this template  

     <div data-container-for="ownerId" class="k-edit-field">
            <select id="ownerId" data-bind="value:ownerId" data-role="dropdownlist"
                            data-value-field="value" data-text-field="text">
              <option value="1">Alex</option>
              <option value="2">Bob</option>
              <option value="3">Charlie</option>



    $("#customers").kendoMultiSelect({ dataTextField: "ContactName", dataValueField: "CustomerID", headerTemplate: '<div class="dropdown-header k-widget k-header">' +'<span>Photo</span>' +'<span>Contact info</span>' +'</div>', itemTemplate: '<span class="k-state-default" style="background-image: url(\'../content/web/Customers/#:data.CustomerID#.jpg\')"></span>' +'<span class="k-state-default"><h3>#: data.ContactName #</h3><p>#: data.CompanyName #</p></span>', tagTemplate: '<span class="selected-value" style="background-image: url(\'../content/web/Customers/#:data.CustomerID#.jpg\')"></span><span>#:data.ContactName#</span>', dataSource: { transport: { read: { dataType: "jsonp", url: "//demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/service/Customers",}}}, height: 400});

     and make it still to work


    thanks in advance


  2. Vladimir Iliev
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    Posted 09 Feb 2016 Link to this post

    Hi James,

    Please check the example below of how to achieve the desired behavior:

    <div data-container-for="ownerId" class="k-edit-field">
      <select id="ownerId" data-bind="value:ownerId"></select>
        jQuery(function() {
            dataTextField: "text",
            dataValueField: "value",
            dataSource: [{value:1, text: 'Alex'},{value:2, text: 'Bob'},{value:3, text: 'Charlie'}],
            /*remember to escape all nested sharp symbols with backslash:*/
            tagTemplate:  '< \#:data.text\# >',
            /*remember to escape nested closing script tags:*/

    Vladimir Iliev
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  3. James
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    Feb 2016

    Posted 09 Feb 2016 in reply to Vladimir Iliev Link to this post

    Amazing, thank you!
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