Telerik upgrade wizard extension crash

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Jérôme asked on 10 Nov 2022, 03:25 PM | edited on 10 Nov 2022, 03:26 PM


On Telerik for Winforms 2022.3.109.45, using VS 2022 Enterprise on a .Net 7 project, I encounter this error when trying to migrate my projects to the latest Winforms components version, using the Wizard

I'm trying to upgrade from 2022.3.921.48

The wizard encountered an error while trying to handle user event.

System.NullReferenceException: La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet.
   à Telerik.VSX.Internal.FileSystem.GacPathDetector.IsGacBased()
   à Telerik.VSX.Internal.ProjectManagement.ApplicationProjectAssemblyReference.EnsureLoadInformation()
   à Telerik.VSX.Internal.ProjectManagement.ApplicationProjectAssemblyReference.get_LoadInformation()
   à Telerik.VSX.Internal.ProjectManagement.ProjectAssemblyReferenceBase.GetAssemblyReference()
   à Telerik.VSX.Internal.ProjectManagement.ProjectWrapUIComponentsBase.get_IsTelerikReferenceValid()
   à Telerik.VSX.ProjectListing.ProjectListerItemHelper.GetDistributionVersion(IProjectWrapUIComponents projectWrap)
   à Telerik.VSX.ProjectListing.ProjectListerItemHelper.GetTitle(IProjectWrapUIComponents projectWrap)
   à Telerik.VSX.DistributionListing.CheckableItemFactory.Create[T](IList`1 list, Func`2 getTitleFunc, Action`1 callback, Boolean isChecked)
   à Telerik.VSX.Wizards.ViewModels.UpgradeProjectWizardViewModel`2.get_AllProjectItems()
   à Telerik.VSX.Wizards.ViewModels.UpgradeProjectWizardViewModel`2.GetProjectsWithVersionLessThanSelectedDistributionVersion()
   à Telerik.VSX.Wizards.ViewModels.UpgradeProjectWizardViewModel`2.OnCurrentDistributionPropertyChanged(Object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
   à Telerik.WizardFramework.ScenarioDriven.ViewModelBase.RaisePropertyChanged(String propertyName)
   à Telerik.VSX.ViewModels.DistributionChooserViewModelBase`1.get_CurrentDistribution()
   à Telerik.WinControls.VSX.Wizards.UpgradeProjectWizardBase`2.TryGetDistributionToken(Version targetFramework)
   à Telerik.WinControls.VSX.Wizards.UpgradeProjectWizardBase`2.TryGetMainLoadInformation(Version targetFramework)
   à Telerik.VSX.WizardEngine.Controls.WizardControlBase.PopulateCollectedValues(IPropertyDataDictionary gatheredData)
   à Telerik.VSX.WizardFramework.Pages.DynamicPageController.GetData()
   à Telerik.WizardFramework.Wizard.GetCurrentPageData()
   à Telerik.WizardFramework.Wizard.UpdateNavigation()
   à Telerik.WizardEngine.Helpers.EventHelper.CatchExceptionAndSendReport(Action action)
Telerik team
commented on 15 Nov 2022, 07:00 AM

Hi Jérôme,

The revision of the assembly version signifies the .NET Framework version that the assembly was built against. That said the assemblies ending in .48 could be used for projects targeting .NET Framework 4.8 and the assemblies ending in .45 could be used for projects targeting .NET Framework 4.7.2 or below. 

As far as I understand your project targets .NET 7 where NuGet packages are predominantly used. I would suggest removing all Telerik references from the project and then right-clicking on it and selecting the Telerik UI for WinForms > Add Telerik NuGet package reference. This way you will get the package matching your project's target framework.

The Upgrade Wizard should work with both assembly and NuGet package references, so could you please provide a bit more details about the scenario/steps that get this error, as I was not able to reproduce it on my end?

Thank you in advance. I am looking forward to your reply.

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commented on 15 Nov 2022, 10:09 AM


Thanks for explaining how your component versionning is working. I've switched to nuget packages instead of locally installed dll, and it seems my problem has gone away. 


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