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    Hi,  just wanted to let you know that VB.Net developers looking to learn how to use your Silverlight controls in the videos section are completely and utterly screwed.  There isn't a single Silverlight video that shows a VB.Net example.  I realize the guy you have for Silverlight is probably (ok, definately) a C# guy, but would some videos on VB.Net be too difficult?

    Edit:  Just came from the Silverlight demos and there aren't any VB.Net code examples there either.  How exactly am I supposed to learn how to use this?  A miracle?
  2. Todd
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    Hello Kurt,

    Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the challenge you're having with our learning resources for Silverlight. We do try to do as much as we can to equally support VB and C#. Let me highlight a few learning resources you'll find with VB examples:

    If you open the installation folder for your RadControls for Silverlight, you'll find that all of the Silverlight demos do in fact have VB versions. Simply inspect the projects in the folders that end with ".VB" and you should find working VB.NET versions of the demos.

    We also try to include C# and VB versions of code snippets in our online documentation. I know there are a few places we need to go back over and make sure the VB coverage is complete, but most articles should provide a snippet in both formats. Here's an example from the Silverlight Online Docs:

    There is also a free C# to VB.NET converter available from Telerik located at You should be able to use this to help convert small snippets of C# code (or entire classes) to VB for easier understanding.

    Videos are a bit harder to do in two formats, obviously, and you are right that most of the evangelists at Telerik are more comfortable as C# programmers than VB. I personally started as a VB.NET programmer and then migrated to C# a few years ago, so I understand your plight. We will do our best in the future to address VB in more video resources so it is easier for VB developers to get started with the Telerik controls.

    In the mean time, I hope the other resources we provide in VB will help. Please let me know if there anything else I can do to help and don't hesitate to come back to the forums with VB questions if you get stuck.

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