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Cheng Mun
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Cheng Mun asked on 08 Sep 2022, 06:35 AM

Would like to check if the below functions are available in Telerik.

  1. Double click on the header column or row can auto fix the column and row size.
  2. Use arrow keys in keyboard to select formula. Currently only support using mouse to click on the formula.

3. Is there any guide/prompt on how to use formula?

4.  "Financial" number format should be similar to Excel i.e. commas every 3 numbers, show bracket for negative value, right alignment
e.g. (1,800,123)


5.  Is there any double underline on the cell border? Only have single underline available for now.


6. For the Splitter control, can the size of the button below be adjusted? It is too small from the screen.

    Telerik team
    commented on 12 Sep 2022, 01:08 PM

    Hi Cheng, 

    As far as I see my colleague Martin has already replied in the support thread regarding the same issue. For convenience and as it could be helpful to the other users in the forum, I will paste his reply below as well:

    1. The functionality is not supported in the widget at this point. There is an open feature request in our Feedback Portal where you can cast your vote.

    2. You can use the keyboard to select a formula if you are typing in the Formula Bar. At this point typing the formula directly in the cell will navigate to the next/previous cell.

    3. Could you please elaborate a bit what the requirement is here?

    4. In this example, you can see that if you enter a bigger number, it will be in the format you mentioned. I am not sure what you mean by the negative value part.

    5. Currently there is no double underline feature.

    For any missing feature that you think would be a good asset in the Spreadsheet, you can open a new feature request in our Feedback Portal.

    6. Regarding the last question for the Splitter, you can change the size of the icons using the style below:

            font-size: 26px !important;

    In case you have additional questions please continue the converstaion in a single thread. 



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