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Telerik (not Kendo) window partial view, jquery refresh option not working

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Jaesoon asked on 06 Mar 2018, 09:34 PM

Hi, i'm working with Telerik MVC controls (not Kendo controls) as this is an old application and it's been very difficult trying to get any documentation for it as everythings for Kendo now.


I'm trying to get partial views working with this window and using the .refresh() accompanied with the .open() method but i can't get the correct behaviour for this to work.

The URL has been set to one of the methods in the controller and it's not being hit at all and the window is just rendering blank with no items inside it.


Initially this screen was made dynamically using jquery as an iframe - which is why i've updated it to use a static Telerik window (not iframe) and using the .refresh() method but to no avail.


The window looks like the below:


02.    .Name("detailWindow")
03.    .Title("Edit Window")
04.    .Modal(true)
05.    .Draggable(true)
06.    .Width(200)
07.    .Height(100)
08.    .Visible(false)


And the jquery to perform the refresh looks as follows:

01.    var abc= $("#detailWindow").data("tWindow");
02.    abc.refresh({
03.        url: url, ==> this is a valid URL but controller isn't being hit
04.        title: "wat",
05.        data: {
06.            id: 1,
07.            id2: 2
08.        },
09.    });



Is there some file that i'm missing or an issue with the above code?




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Telerik team
answered on 08 Mar 2018, 02:48 PM
Hello Jaesoon,

I am really sorry to inform you that the Telerik MVC controls are not longer supported. We could hardly advise you on any alternative approach as any other, unexpected, issues may arise as well. 

My suggestion would be to try accessing the url in question directly in the browser (navigation bar) and see if the method would get hit. If not - probably a wrong path is provided as url. Also, make sure that there are not js errors in your browser console.

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