"tablet first" UI metaphor?

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    Posted 01 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    I am caught in a no-man's-land: company wants to use HTML5 widgets for data-entry because HTML5 is "cutting edge" but the data-entry requirements are quite extensive, so that "mobile-first" UI metaphors are often not suitable. What we really need is "tablet first". For example, we have to track things like all of the states where a certain entity is licensed to practice, or all of the techniques in which a certain provider has been trained, and there could be dozens of possible values to display. Scrolling is not always the optimal UI solution. On the desktop, we have a "multi-checkbox-list" pane with several columns of values (example below). It is not unusual that at least 50% of the boxes are checked for a given entity.  Is there a kendo widget that could be programmed to have this multi-column checklist behavior? With such a widget we could take advantage of real-estate on tablets in horizontal orientation.

    [  ]  this is item 1    [  ]   this is item 2          [x] this is item 3
    [x]  this is item 4    [  ]   this is item 5          [x] this is item 6
    [x]  this is item 7    [x]   this is item 8          [  ] this is item 9
    [  ]  this is item10   [ ]   this is item11          [x] this is item 12
    [x]  this is item13   [x]   this is item14         [x] this is item15
    [  ]  this is item16   [x]   this is item17         [x] this is item18
    [x]  this is item19   [x]   this is item20         [x] this is item21
    [  ]  this is item22   [x]   this is item23         [  ] this is item24
    [x]  this is item25   [x]   this is item26         [x] this is item27
    [  ]  this is item28   [x]   this is item29           [x] this is item30
  2. Petyo
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    Posted 03 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Tim,

    please check the twitter bootstrap integration demo - If I understand your case correctly, the listview widget behavior is what you are looking for.

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