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  1. S
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    Posted 22 Jun 2015 Link to this post

    Line 1: var lstOldtp = GeneralAction.EM().Prospectoutlook_typeproperties.Where(p => p.ProspectOutlookClient_id == rtn);
    Line 2: if (lstOldtp.Count() > 0)
    Line 3: {
    Line 4:        var delstOld = lstOldtp.Where(m => !POClient_interest.Any(n => n.TypeProperty_id == m.TypeProperty_id));
    Line 5:         if (delstOld.Count() > 0)
    Line 6:              GeneralAction.DeleteRecords<DynamicDataControllerModel.Prospectoutlook_typeproperty>(delstOld,

    Line 7: GlobalEnum.CommitDatabase.FlushChanges);
    Line 8: }


    I got the error in when running Line 5

    The following message I got 

    System.NotSupportedException: An exception occurred during the execution of 'Extent<DynamicDataControllerModel.Prospectoutlook_typeproperty>().Where(p => (p.ProspectOutlookClient_id == value(FA.CRM.OutlookListing+<>c__DisplayClassb).rtn)).Where(m => Not(value(FA.CRM.OutlookListing+<>c__DisplayClassd).POClient_interest.Any(n => (n.TypeProperty_id == m.TypeProperty_id)))).Count()'. Failure: Execution of 'System.Linq.Enumerable:Any(IEnumerable`1,Func`2)' on the database server side currently not implemented.


    Is there anything wrong with the logic. I can't see it any place. Any idea or Alternative?


    Thank You,

  2. S
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    Posted 22 Jun 2015 in reply to S Link to this post

    Thank You. I got it working now
  3. Morgan
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    Posted 28 Jul 2015 in reply to S Link to this post

    How did you get it working?  I am having the same problem with the .Any() in the following query.


    from i in dbContext.Interviews
        .Include(n => n.Notes)
        .Include(b => b.Bookmarks)
        .Include(u => u.User)
        .Include(r => r.InterviewRooms)
        .Where(i =>
            (i.InterviewRooms.Any(ir => roomIds.Any(ir.RoomId.ToString().Contains))
                || roomIds.Count == 0)
                || dates.Count() == 0))
        orderby i.WhenCreated descending
        select i;

  4. Viktor Zhivkov
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    Posted 31 Jul 2015 Link to this post

    Hello Morgan,

    I would like to continue our communication related to your query in the dedicated forum thread that you have posted.

    Viktor Zhivkov
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