Strange resize issue with complicated layout

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  1. Troy
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    Posted 25 Apr 2011 Link to this post

    I have a fairly complicated window layout, and it seems like at some point the resize events from a user resizing the form stop propagating after a while.  In my form I have a RadDock that contains a Document window that contains a PageLayout Control  that contains a SplitterWindow That contains a RadDock. 

    Inside the rad dock I have 3 ToolWindows that get resized correctly but I have controls that are dockFilled in these windows these controls are not resized.  So this leads to a bunch of redraw errors and makes the screen look very bad.

    I tried a bunch of ways to simplify the layout but each one I tried worked correctly. 
    In my sample Application I have Form, main form with the RadDock and DocumentWindows, UITabControl (the RadPageLayout), ReportViewer (the SplitContainer), and EmptySnapshotControls which has the second RadDock which has the resize errors.  On the resize event of the ToolWindows I'm displaying the size of the ToolWindow and also the control that is inside the ToolWindow, so you can tell sometimes the second set of numbers don't change. (when there is more that 1 control side by side)

    In my sample app the first view shows the error and I have a few other tabs where I've tried to simplify the layout and they work correctly.  If I take out the splitContainer or remove the PageLayoutControl works fine.  (As you can see in my sample)

    Anyway if you can figure out whats going on or can find a workaround I'd be very grateful.

    I couldn't attach a zip file to attach my post so I'll try to email it to you.  Let me know if there is a better way for me to do this.


  2. Nikolay
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    Posted 28 Apr 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Troy,

    The better way to attach files is to use our support ticketing system. I am glad that you have already found this way.

    I tested the project that you sent in your ticket, but I did not find any issues with the RadDock layout. For additional information, please refer to the movie attached to my response in the ticket.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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  3. eliraz
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    Posted 01 May 2011 Link to this post

    the same problem that he describe happen to me also.
    the Application Flickers all the time when i move the Splitter because the RadDock call to many re sizes.

    I tried many thing to work around it, and didn't find any way.
    did the tester he send you remade the problem I talk about?

    if not i will try also the create a sample application and try make it happen.
  4. Nikolay
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    Posted 03 May 2011 Link to this post

    Hello eliraz,

    I was not able to reproduce any flickering issues with our RadDock control and actually you are the first to report such an issue. Therefore, I would kindly ask you to open a new support ticket and send us a sample project which demonstrates the experienced behavior. This will allow us to assist you further.

    the Telerik team
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