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    Just downloaded the latest and browsed to the examples\mobile\application\forms.htm page. Then page looks good on iPhone 3gs and Samsung Galaxy S, however on the Blackberry Curve 9380, the labels and fields overlap.

    Another huge problem is that on iOS when I scroll up and down, the page feels sticky. I cant see the last couple of fields till I use a lot of force to reach them. This happens only when the url bar is visible. After a while when the url bar disappears in the browser, then my scrolling works fine. Of course once my url bar is back, scrolling to the bottom of the page is almost impossible.

    Other examples like mobile/tabstrip/index.html scroll fine on iOS.

    Any pointers would be welcome.

    Edit Apr 14th

    After analyzing the issue further, I realized my original post doesn't accurately describe the problem. The real reason for the problem I described above is as follows.
    When kendo UI Mobile determines the height of the scrollable area, it does not take into account that the URL bar may be visible on the iphone 3gs. So as long as the URL bar is visible on the screen, I cannot scroll down to the last couple of records. When the URL bar is not visible anymore, I can scroll successfully to the bottom of the screen.

    Another issue I faced was on the Samsung Galaxy S (GINGERBREAD). On the same page at examples\mobile\application\forms.htm, the 1st and 2nd fields are drop downs and it all works OK. However when I scroll down,  the 1st and 2nd fields visible on screen are something else like the date field for example. But when I touch  the 2nd visible field to input the date, the drop down pops up (which was the 2nd field before I had scrolled down). So maybe kendo is not updating the positions of controls after a scroll on android.

    Thanks in advance.
    A. Tauro
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    Regarding the URL bar - this is a known issue. Upon initialization, the mobile application attempts to hide the url bar. However, this does not always work, ending up in cases like the one you describe. We are looking into improving this somehow, but I can't provide a concrete timeline for it. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the upcoming service pack. 

    As for the android problem - this is also a known problem, unfortunately this time with the Android browser itself. The only workaround we can suggest for now is to use the Kendo UI Web DropDownList widget.

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    the Telerik team
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