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  1. Ryan
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    I have a stacked100 bar chart.  It "seems" to be structured the way I want it structured, it's just the colors aren't contrasting.

    I did a mouseover on the "Jan 2014" so you can see it is indeed breaking it into the percentages properly (see attached).

    How do I get the colors to contrast or did I simply structure the code incorrectly? (admittedly series and categories confuse me at times)

    Thanks for your help.

                DataTable dt = new DataTable();
                dt = f.CallStoredProcedure("rptHitRate_Chart");
                BarSeries b1 = new Telerik.WinControls.UI.BarSeries();
                BarSeries b2 = new Telerik.WinControls.UI.BarSeries();

                b1.CombineMode = ChartSeriesCombineMode.Stack100;
                //b2.CombineMode = ChartSeriesCombineMode.Stack100;        


                foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)
                    CategoricalDataPoint cdp = new CategoricalDataPoint((double)dr["ApprovalRate"], dr["DateGroup"]);
                    CategoricalDataPoint cdp2 = new CategoricalDataPoint((double)dr["DeclineRate"], dr["DateGroup"]);


    data layout:
    DateGroup  ApprovalRate DeclineRate
    Jan 2014 0.368421052631579 0.631578947368421
    Feb 2014 0.75 0.25
    Mar 2014 0.568965517241379 0.431034482758621
    Apr 2014  0.423728813559322 0.576271186440678
    May 2014 0.392857142857143 0.607142857142857
    Jun 2014 0.457627118644068 0.542372881355932
    Jul 2014 0.433962264150943 0.566037735849057
    Aug 2014 0.315789473684211 0.684210526315789

  2. Ryan
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    Jan 2014

    Posted 20 Aug 2014 Link to this post

    I should add that I'm using release 2014.2.715.40 (believe to be the most current)
  3. Stefan
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    Posted 21 Aug 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for writing.

    To modify the hover of a chart element, you need to modify the theme that you are using. Attached you can find a video demonstrating how to do that. The video opens in browser.

    I hope that you find this information useful. Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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