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    I realize this isn't part of the documentation, and I haven't glanced through the sourcecode yet to see if there is anything undocumented to allow this... 

    Is it possible, or are there plans to make possible, the ability to use the SPA additions to the framework without url fragments?  Namely, a switch for the SPA framework that is able to use a combination of Pushstate, querystrings, and well-defined pages to create an ajax-driven pseudo-SPA similar to what we see in the KendoUI demo website that uses normal page-loads for those using older browsers?
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    Hi Ron,

    Your guess is right. The router has an undocumented pushState support implemented (you may check the source code for further details).

    We decided to leave it like that mostly because pushState requires some non-trivial application architecture implementations – both client-side and server-side. Kendo UI being a client-side focused UI framework, we can't really offer a turnkey solution that matches the ease of usage our users have grown accustomed to with the rest of the framework - you can't really flip a flag and have your app work with pushState without reworking your server-side rendering logic - and the approach varies across different platforms.

    Having said that, if you feel comfortable with the framework source code, you can always patch (or even monkey patch) the router settings if the pushState support is a requirement for your project. Yet, this mode is not something that we can officially support and provide assistance with. 

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    the Telerik team
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