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    My company will probably buy the Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC, but we would like to know if the Single Page Application feature is already stable to do development based on it...?

    Another thing that we would like to know is if we can use SPA Kendo feature and Knockout (for data binding) together?  Or if it's possible to use Kendo MVVM pattern with another SPA template? (if yes, which one is recomended?)

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    Hello Andre,

    The SPA set of features was released as a part of Kendo UI Q1 2013 release and is still in a beta phase. So far, we are not planning on introducing any breaking changes in the current architecture and if we don't discover any major design flaws, we are going to remove the 'beta' mark in the next release. 

    The SPA feature set is in fact two standalone components - a router and views/layouts. Each can be used without the other, which means that you can swap the view layer for something that supports knockout.js better, while still relying on the router for navigation.

    The views/layouts components are actually very thin wrappers around the Kendo UI MVVM component. This brings an out of the box support for declarative Kendo UI widgets initialisation in the view markup. 

    You may also find the Backbone integration blog posts on our website by Derick Bailey interesting.

    the Telerik team
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    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Here is an opinion from another customer...

    As Petyo told, SPA is in beta. After doing some testing on my own, I think the "beta" might be justified because of its basic API. I can imagine several features which should be added to SPA in the future. However, regarding stability SPA has left beta phase. It runs without problems and does what is described in the documentation.

    I use Kendo UI as well as Kendo SPA for development. It can be used in real projects. I hope SPA will be enhanced in the future and from my past experience with Telerik, I am sure this will happen.

    Regarding your question about integration with other frameworks. It can be done, but I prefer to concentrate on one framework. For example, I also looked at sammy.js and I really liked it. It has a bigger API, but as I do not like to mix frameworks too much, I decided to not use it in place of Kendo SPA. However, this decision is also a matter of personal style and you might decide differently.

    Michael G. Schneider
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