Sorting an Image column based on the value of another property

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    I have a Grid set so that two fields are displayed.  The first is a Bitmap that is generated by a Count property of the object that is bound.
    The other is just some informational text.

    I do not want to display a separate column for the count property but when a user clicks on the header for the Image, I want it sorted based on the count. 

    Is this possible?  I thought I could perhaps overide the field in the sort expression by adding a SortChangingEventHandler, but when I add this event handler it is not getting called.

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    Hi johns,

    In order to do custom sorting you must implement the IComparable interface in your custom class. Here is an example how to do this:

    DataTable table = new DataTable(); 
    Random r = new Random(); 
    for (int i = 0; i < 50; i++) 
        table.Rows.Add(i, i.ToString(),  new MyData(i.ToString(), r.Next(50))); 
    this.radGridView1.DataSource = table; 

    Here is the implementation of MyData class:

    public class MyData: IComparable 
        string data; 
        int weight; 
        public string Data 
            get { return data; } 
            set { data = value; } 
        public MyData(): this("", 0) 
        public MyData(string data, int weight) 
   = data; 
            this.weight = weight; 
        public override string ToString() 
            return data + " " + weight; 
        #region IComparable Members 
        public int CompareTo(object obj) 
            if (obj is MyData) 
                if (((MyData)obj).weight < weight) 
                    return -1; 
                else if (((MyData)obj).weight > weight) 
                    return 1; 
            return 0; 

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team

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