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    Not to diminish your 20 years of experience, but you and the rest of the world may have a different definition of the word "soon". We are November now and we still have no support for RC nor do we have any "hard" date for the release of the RTM (although according to Scott Gu it should be this month).

    it's nice of you to mock people (NOT!), but what if you are in a situation where SL5 has features (such as P/Invoke) that you really need.

    We are in this position and our development has virtually halted for over a month now because of Telerik refusal to actually handle the RC problem. 


    I'm pretty sure that Q3 will not support the RC any more then Q2 does, but before we go through the "pain" of upgrading to Q3... Will Q3 support Silverlight5 RTM when it comes out later this month (if it comes out later this month) or will there be an SP of Q3 that will support Silverlight5?

  2. Doug
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    Same boat, we had planned to purchase Telerik and developed for it, now it looks like we may need to go elseware which is way more expense than just the code, can't even demo to our clients in development because there are no functional beta sl5 releases.

    The most most frustrating part is that their demo site and projects don't even run with SL5 and it's been out as a beta for almost a year (and don't get me going about that).
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    Actually, controls work properly neither without SL 5 beta nor with SL 5 RC.
  4. Vlad
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     I suggest you to try our demos with the official Silverlight 5 release. 

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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